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May 31

Are You Kidding? Pet Peeves #3

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 in Site News

Ok…  I’ll admit it.  My biggest vice is fast food.  Totally unhealthy, but I much prefer looking up at my menu rather than down.  (Think about it.  You’ll get it) So, how does this fit into my pet peeves series?  Let me tell you…

One of the best features of fast food is that it is FAST!  Any action that turns it into Slow Food is a target for me.  Fast food drive thru’s are pet peeve magnets.  Let’s start with the pre-menu.  This is the menu board designed for the car next in line to order.  While one waits for the speaker board to become available, decisions on the order can be made.  However, when the menu at the speaker board is available, why do people insist on stopping and staring at the pre-menu?  Really?  Why not pull up to the Order Here sign and do just that?

While were on this topic, why does it take some people so long to place an order?  Has the menu changed that much?  Don’t most establishments have the same basic items?  If it’s going to be that tough a decision, park your car and venture inside…

Finally, why do some of you have to place 4 separate orders for each of your co-workers?  Is it really that tough to place one order and figure out the finances? Yikes!

It really is quite simple.  Let’s keep fast food fast!!

Thank you for your help.

Next Week –  Grocery Stores

May 24

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #2

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Site News

Parking lots are a major source of my pet peeves. My first pet peeve post was about Qwik Trip parking lots and the lazy bums that spoil them. Today, I move on to parking lots in general. Believe it or not, I have three PP’s when it comes to these asphalt jungles.

No. 1 – If you are in your climate controlled car on a scorching summer day, please let all pedestrians in parking lots have the right of way. They are exposed to the elements, including the super heated asphalt below, yet I see drivers not yield to pedestrians. What’s an extra couple seconds gonna hurt? Come on people, its courtesy and common decency!

No. 2 – If you are the pedestrian in a parking lot, and the driver is kind enough to yield to you, don’t dawdle! In fact, why not pick up the pace just a bit. I’m not talking a full fledged, Usain Bolt like dash. Just walk with a purpose and get out of the way. Once again, it’s just being courteous.

No. 3 – We have all had this happen. While coming down an aisle in a parking lot, you spy a person arriving back to their car. They notice you are waiting, yet after getting into their car, they inexplicably take 2 or 3 minutes to vacate the space! What! Really! This is simply rude. I can’t think of a single reason people do this! Maybe it’s the feeling of power they experience, knowing they control the destiny and time of another human being. I really can’t think of anything else! Come on people, let’s take care of each other!!!

If you’ve read this far, thanks. As I mentioned before, these mini therapy sessions help me through the day…

Next Week – Fast Food Drive-Thrus

May 20

Maybe The Funniest Video Ever (If you are old enough)

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2010 in comedy (blue)

At the request of @mytitleguypaul,  this parody of Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner will live forever on my site… By the way, not safe for work…

May 20

Awesome Sam & Kurt

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2010 in Site News

Just a couple incredible videos from these talented kids….

May 20

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #1

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2010 in Pet Peeves

I’ve decided to add this to my blog once a week.  I hope by venting here I’ll be a bit more patient in the real  world.  Most of these will have nothing to do with title and escrow.  I cover those issues in other posts and forums.  I hope you enjoy…

I’ve got to get this pet peeve off my chest first… I am a regular patron of the local establishments know as QT or QuikTrip. They really know how to run a convenience store, and they make every effort to keep their stores and gas pumps clean. I even plan my route throughout the day to run by one of the East Valley QT’s. I know, get a life, right?

For some it’s Starbucks and a frappucino, but for me it’s QT and a 32 ounce Diet Coke, extra ice. So what’s chappin’ my hide? As I mentioned, the folks at QT keep their stores exceptionally clean. Making this job more difficult are the yahoos that think nothing of dumping the rest of their cold coffee or warm soda directly onto the parking lot, always right where I exit and enter my vehicle.


You can’t make it the extra 10 feet to the tree or the bushes to dump your liquid crap? How do you avoid stepping in the mess you’ve left?  I know, it must be that after you return to your vehicle with your new refreshment, you dump your old one out the window right before driving away, right? And why do you do this?  Because YOU don’t want to step in it!!


Why not throw down some old, worn out chewing gum and your last oil change remnants while you’re at it! Come on people, give your actions just a little bit of thought. Consider the next vehicle and it’s passengers that must use the parking space you’ve just defiled. Am I really asking for too much? Judging by your actions, I probably am…


Next week: Parking Lot Power Plays

May 20

A place for my personal stuff…

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2010 in Personal

Welcome to  I will be using this site for my personal thoughts and rants and praises and… whatever. It’s basically a place for me to clear my head, and if others find value in that, awesome!