Maybe The Funniest Video Ever (If you are old enough)

Tweet At the request of @mytitleguypaul,  this parody of Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner will live forever on my site… By the way, not safe for work…

Awesome Sam & Kurt

Tweet Just a couple incredible videos from these talented kids….

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #1

Tweet I’ve decided to add this to my blog once a week.  I hope by venting here I’ll be a bit more patient in the real  world.  Most of these will have nothing to do with title and escrow.  I cover those issues in other posts and forums.  I hope you enjoy… I’ve got to […]

A place for my personal stuff…

Tweet Welcome to  I will be using this site for my personal thoughts and rants and praises and… whatever. It’s basically a place for me to clear my head, and if others find value in that, awesome!