Are You Kidding? Pet Peeves #3

Tweet Ok…  I’ll admit it.  My biggest vice is fast food.  Totally unhealthy, but I much prefer looking up at my menu rather than down.  (Think about it.  You’ll get it) So, how does this fit into my pet peeves series?  Let me tell you… One of the best features of fast food is that […]

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #2

Tweet Parking lots are a major source of my pet peeves. My first pet peeve post was about Qwik Trip parking lots and the lazy bums that spoil them. Today, I move on to parking lots in general. Believe it or not, I have three PP’s when it comes to these asphalt jungles. No. 1 […]

Maybe The Funniest Video Ever (If you are old enough)

Tweet At the request of @mytitleguypaul,  this parody of Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner will live forever on my site… By the way, not safe for work…

Awesome Sam & Kurt

Tweet Just a couple incredible videos from these talented kids….

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #1

Tweet I’ve decided to add this to my blog once a week.  I hope by venting here I’ll be a bit more patient in the real  world.  Most of these will have nothing to do with title and escrow.  I cover those issues in other posts and forums.  I hope you enjoy… I’ve got to […]

A place for my personal stuff…

Tweet Welcome to  I will be using this site for my personal thoughts and rants and praises and… whatever. It’s basically a place for me to clear my head, and if others find value in that, awesome!