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May 24

Are You Kidding?? Pet Peeves #2

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Site News

Parking lots are a major source of my pet peeves. My first pet peeve post was about Qwik Trip parking lots and the lazy bums that spoil them. Today, I move on to parking lots in general. Believe it or not, I have three PP’s when it comes to these asphalt jungles.

No. 1 – If you are in your climate controlled car on a scorching summer day, please let all pedestrians in parking lots have the right of way. They are exposed to the elements, including the super heated asphalt below, yet I see drivers not yield to pedestrians. What’s an extra couple seconds gonna hurt? Come on people, its courtesy and common decency!

No. 2 – If you are the pedestrian in a parking lot, and the driver is kind enough to yield to you, don’t dawdle! In fact, why not pick up the pace just a bit. I’m not talking a full fledged, Usain Bolt like dash. Just walk with a purpose and get out of the way. Once again, it’s just being courteous.

No. 3 – We have all had this happen. While coming down an aisle in a parking lot, you spy a person arriving back to their car. They notice you are waiting, yet after getting into their car, they inexplicably take 2 or 3 minutes to vacate the space! What! Really! This is simply rude. I can’t think of a single reason people do this! Maybe it’s the feeling of power they experience, knowing they control the destiny and time of another human being. I really can’t think of anything else! Come on people, let’s take care of each other!!!

If you’ve read this far, thanks. As I mentioned before, these mini therapy sessions help me through the day…

Next Week – Fast Food Drive-Thrus

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